Minimalism. Chic. Eclectic. Get to know the brand and the stories we tell!


FANORE NY is a minimalist lifestyle brand that includes Adrina Fanore (luxury apparel), Oasis (Health & Wellness resource), and ESTELLE MAGAZINE (lifestyle magazine highlighting emerging talent).  As we continue to grow, our focus is to tell a story of creating the best lives for ourselves, and ultimately, improving in all aspects.  



Apparel Design & Collections

To understand AF is to not see it as a story but as a journey.  Adrina Fanore is evolving and has dabbled with trial and error, and now has an identity.  It’s an identity that shows the beauty in simplicity, color, and silhouette.  Pieces in each collection show high-quality textiles, clean lines, and quality construction, and come together to create a union of classic and minimalist style. We are now focused and specializing in casual, lounge and yoga wear. 


Estelle Magazine is a quarterly publication highlighting art, fashion, music, travel, culture and beauty.  The magazine was named after my beloved and late grandmother who always showed class and sophistication.  Her love for meeting people and making others feel welcome inspired me to create a publication that do the same. Therefore, Estelle highlight emerging artists, designers, writers, and musicians giving them a platform to show their talent.   *NOTE: ESTELLE WILL RELAUNCH JULY 2018*


I received two degrees in health and wellness (yes two!).  While fashion is my first passion, health and wellness (particularly mental health and meditation) is another passion of mine.  I developed online resources and programs to promote all wellness with yoga + meditation, healthy cooking, food, affirmations, and much more!  Namaste!

The History

Design began as a hobby and cheap therapy in a 1-bedroom apartment in Charleston, South Carolina. Quickly, it grew into a small business with clientele from surrounding areas requesting bridal and casual womenswear.  After careful spiritual deliberation, the decision was made to turn this art into a career.  I moved to New York City, took a few classes at Parsons The New School for Design, and gained work experience in technical design and assessing the quality of garments for a major retailer.

Now, this journey continues in another 1-bedroom Brooklyn. 

The Future

There are so many plans for this brand over the next few years.  We are a caused-based brand and donate to local charities (monetary or otherwise). Our vision is to celebrate style through film and design, promote social responsibility through community service, and promote entrepreneurship to youth and young adults via seminars/workshops. Working through the phases has created partnerships and opportunities to evolve into a company that stands for more than fashion and style.