FANORE is a minimalist lifestyle brand with 4 entities:


The primary entity, AF (Adrina Fanore) is a luxe and sustainable apparel collection.  To understand AF is to not see it as a story but as a journey.  AF's identitypresents beauty in simplicity, color, and silhouette.  Pieces in each collection are designed and created with high-quality textiles, clean lines, and quality construction, that come together to create a union of classic and minimalist style. 


FANORE Creative is a creative direction service we provide to entrepreneurs and established businesses alike.  We specialize in:

  • photography + film
  • brand consultation
  • styling and design
  • visual content creation
  • lookbook curation + design 


Estelle Magazine is a quarterly publication highlighting art, fashion, music, travel, culture and beauty.  The magazine was named after my beloved and late grandmother who always showed class and sophistication.  Her love for meeting people and making others feel welcome inspired me to create a publication that do the same. Therefore, Estelle highlight emerging artists, designers, writers, and musicians giving them a platform to show their talent.   *NOTE: ESTELLE WILL RELAUNCH JULY 2018*


I received two degrees in health and wellness (yes two!).  While fashion is my first passion, health and wellness (particularly mental health and meditation) is another passion of mine.  I developed online resources and programs to promote all wellness with yoga + meditation, healthy cooking, food, affirmations, and much more!  Namaste!