If you read my past few posts, you know that I recently moved to Atlanta from Brooklyn, NY. Every chance I get, I try to explore a new area of Atlanta. This week I landed at the Ponce City Market. What did I think? I really try not to compare any parts of Atlanta to NYC, but it’s hard. This is my honest opinion minus influence of New York’s tough competition.

In short, I like this place. I can’t say it’s somewhere I would frequent due to the traffic getting here from Sandy Springs, but when I have visitors, I will definitely bring them here for the experience. The market has stores that most malls have like Anthropologie, J Crew, a stationary/paper company, but the food hall is impeccable. Restaurants here aren’t your typical Applebees or Ruby Tuesdays. There are a variety of foods from around the world. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to try anything because I ate prior to getting there, but I did try a Blackberry Lime Mint Sorbet which was amazing at Honeysuckle Gelato. It was fairly priced too!


Because I paid for more time that I needed at the garage, I stuck around to visit Citizen Supply. I love this place, and in all honesty, it’s a more hip version of Anthropologie. They have a leather and plant/greenery shops within it. From my understanding, they host artisans/vendors as well periodically which probably explains the leather goods. Also, they house a bar/lounge, Likewise. I have to come back to review the drinks and bar menu at a later date.


The reason for my visit was to visit the metaphysical store, Modern Mystic Shop.

I came to buy sage and view their cute and chic boutique of crystals, tarot cards, and candles (none of which I’m in to). A quick review: this place is dope!

I didn’t make a day of it due to the inclement weather and realizing it was no different than your average mall. Overall, I enjoyed my visit and highly recommend you visit!