If you haven’t visit the “Press” section of the site, you didn’t see my doc I filmed with Davis Northern of Modern Noire Productions (MNP) on being a designer. To give you a bit of a backstory, I worked with MNP to create my first fashion film that became moderately successful (another blog post for another time). And together, we’ve created great work with fashion films and the Model Behavior series on my YouTube channel.

Since then, we’ve both moved from Brooklyn (which I miss). Davis went to L.A. and I came to Atlanta. However, our work lives on. Here is the first episode of his series, (Hue)man Process, a web series which touches on the intersectionality of imagination, expression, and creativity in the elements of creation.

When I look at this, the one thing I will always remember is this is truly a humble beginning. I am confident in a year, I will be working in my own fully functional design studio/office with more money to produce, and not a 1-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. #Dreams #Hustle