Here on AF, I am striving to be more innovative with the brand’s online presence. We live in a digital world and competing in an oversaturated market, so it’s imperative to stand out. It is also a must to work on a budget. June is the last month of the second quarter, and I plan to make it count.

I created two major goals to bring more brand awareness through creative and innovative ways.

Become a better storyteller. I did a lot of research on marketing strategies specifically how to do that on a shoestring budget. While the internet has hundreds of avenues to take, they all have one thing in common: storytelling. Telling a great story is why you love your favorite movie, or drawn to a good commercial. The art of storytelling has many components, and I plan to apply them to AF and its content.

Be open-minded about the approach. Sometimes I can be a creature of habit. I’ll order the same dish at my favorite restaurant and frequent the same stores. My approach to making decisions and planning for my brand is no different. There’s a process and those steps are almost always the same. Unfortunately, our world moves at a fast pace and evolve even faster. I mean even well established brands have a hard time keeping up. However, as a smaller brand, I feel this is the perfect time to make this mental change. In fact, I’m at a greater advantage because any change I make at this point will go unnoticed.

So here’s to June and new changes. I really would like to master this to bring better content and strengthen my skills as a Designer and Content Creator.