Last year, I tried going vegan and lasted 2 days. I was a vegetarian and lasted a few months. Unfortunately, with the diet change and being a pedestrian in Brooklyn, I was losing a lot of weight, so I became a pescatarian. This diet worked perfectly for me!

I moved back home to SC (with meat eaters) in transition to moving here to Atlanta. Even if you’re not from the South, you know the food choices makes it nearly impossible to have any dietary restrictions. Needless to say, I started eating meat again (chicken anyway). Here I am, a recipient of two degrees in Health/Wellness eating unhealthy and being stressed out!

Now I’m here in Atlanta, still a tad bit stressed but getting back to my wellness journey. Today, I stepped in the gym after months away. I’m researching a dietary plan that complements my new workout to be toned up and a beauty regimen to be glowed up. This will be a different post.

Here’s the point. I’m going vegan for the next 3 days as a “detox”. I can’t commit to the lifestyle right now, but I can keep it up for 3 days. I have to admit when I gave up meat, I felt amazing. However, when you’re working out protein is everything, and a vegan lifestyle makes it difficult to fulfill that. Tomorrow is day 1…..rock with me!