As humans we’re always evolving, and whether we embrace that or not is completely up to us. Personally, I love change and transformation. It’s life’s way of teaching us to be grateful and humble.

When I made the decision to move from Brooklyn to Atlanta, I also made a decision to take my acts of self love to the next level. I made a list of what’s helped me heal, and how can I have that thing whenever I need it.


I created a playlist, Nü Femme (New Woman), containing a list of tunes that reflected my personality, my growing divine feminine energy, and sounds that put me in an overall good mood. The beauty of this list is it’s ever changing. Songs come and go as I evolve as a woman.

Every morning, I meditate, burn sage, and play this list. I play it when I’m upset, sad, disappointed, happy, or winding down for the evening. Whenever I feel like “hearing myself”, the playlist goes on. This is how I celebrate myself!

Take a listen!

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