The making of a brand…

I am pleased to introduce the FANORE lifestyle brand with new entities bringing you creative and innovative apparel, visual and published content while highlighting underrepresented talent.  

But we need your help!

Where are the funds going?

  • run business operations for all entities
  • plan and conduct health/wellness workshops online and in the community
  • hire staff for ESTELLE, ADRINA FANORE, and OASIS
  • maintenance fees for ESTELLE and websites
  • materials for our apparel collections 
  • produce short films for CULTURED SOCIETY

We are soft launching our campaign to fund FANORE and further bring you the highest quality product and hire the best staff possible across our entities! 

The official launch of the campaign will be August 10, 2018 via iFundwomen

For more detailed info about our entities, please visit the site!! 

Thank you in advance for all of your support!  

Much love, 


What are our entities?