A South Carolina native, I was always fascinated with clothing and textiles.  My mother and grandmother were seamstresses became entrepreneurs.  Beyond the patterns, I wanted to know design from concept to creation. Much of my early work was aided by their hands, and by the time I was in college, I was making clothes and creating my own unique wardrobe. Although I majored in health (because that's what you do when you're from a small town),  I began teaching myself design and gained a few clients.  However, I felt I should do more.  I left SC behind to pursued a fashion career in New York City.  I was accepted and attended the prestigious Parsons The New School for Fashion Design.  Because it was insanely expensive, I took the classes I needed then dropped out. I interned for womenswear labels and obtained employment with a major fashion retailer. 


Having spent 6 years in Quality Assurance and a few years in Technical Design, quality is the core of our designs. We have a minimalist aesthetic with the use of prints, bold and neutral colors, and durable textiles. We aim for versatility allowing our garments to go from day to night with ease.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

-Leonardo Di Vinci



I’ve always wanted to be more than a designer. I want to make a difference and see change in an industry I love. The amount of waste and pollution from garment and textile production affect the the environment tremendously. We are dedicated to creating products from natural and organic materials. Our green practices go beyond creating into our business operations in which we do 85% of our work digitally!


Our second mission is to provide a platform for minority talent in the fashion and beauty industries through our marketing and fashion films. After working in the fashion for years, I saw this as a major issue and understood first hand why it’s a hot topic in the industry. Minority talent (models, designers, crew, office employees, etc) make up less than 30% in ads and the runway. We would like to combat that by providing more opportunities through our films and advertising.