Happy Monday! (inserts side eye emoji)

This past week has been quite interesting and challenging to say the least.  And today? No better.  It got me thinking about the term "get a grip".  When you think about that term, it's so dismissive yet motivating.  We have our moments in life where we feel like it's a spiraling fall to hell.  Other moments, we're on top of the world.  It's life, right?  To "get a grip" is a bit ambiguous. It could mean: "Get over it, it's life sweetheart".  On the other hand, "You got this! Stand tall and keep it moving".  

If you're trying to "get a grip" today, here are three things I want you to know and carry with you this week:

1) Life is so fked up!  I mean it really can be.  However, these moments of difficulty build us into better and wiser individuals.  It introduces you to yourself.  There are many things I've experienced and was pleasantly surprised by how I handled it, or got over it, or rise above it.  Keep pushing. You'll grow in the end.

2) Take a shortcut or two.  By all means, don't be lazy, but don't be afraid to work smarter.  Come up with strategies, be more productive by using great resources, and get it done!  We often feel better when we feel accomplished....big or small.

3) Step outside.  Do something you've never done to build confidence.  Tap into your adventurous side and learn something new. Travel or get some fresh air. Sometimes a new scenery is what we new to recharge.