Let's face it, we live for Fridays!  And once we've made it, the weekend becomes a 48-hour rush to "get it all done" by Monday.  This weekend, I decided to do 15% of business related tasks and focus mostly on converting to minimalist lifestyle. 


There's research on how clutter affect our mood and mental wellness.  Although I'm not a messy person, there are a few items in my apartment that serve no purpose other than collecting dust.  In addition to cleaning, just taking a moment to do nothing is also a must do!

I came up with a few ways to simplify life this weekend:

CLEANSING.  Our homes are our sanctuaries, and it should feel like one.  I had to ask myself, "how much do I really need?"  I went with the golden rule of clutter (I made that up)....If you haven't touched it in 6-12 months, then it's probably useless.  I've been blessed to have a Brooklyn apartment with space, so I plan to make the most of it by replacing unused items in the donation bin, and organize properly.  P.S.  I'm putting my green thumb to use....stay tuned. 

MISSING OUT.  I don't mean stay inside the entire weekend away.  I mean I'm putting the phone down and missing out on the digital world.  I plan to reconnect with real people and have real face-to-face conversations!  I miss the 90s, because that was the primary way of communicating.  It was a way to form authentic relationships while chatting it up with friends you haven't seen in at least a day lol. 

GET SOME LOVING (FOR EVERYONE).  Self love is one that you cannot put a price tag on....unless you hit the spa!  Get a facial, a massage or just take a moment to practice a little self love how you see fit.  For some, self-love isn't just being in solitude, but sometimes, it's snuggling, walking the dog, or whatever it means for you.  Self-love is about doing what makes you genuinely happy while being on a mental vacation. 

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