In early 2017, I was defeated by the pressures of being a woman, the fast-paced life of a city dweller, love woes, and being an entrepreneur.  I broke down and did it....I went to therapy.  I found a great therapist near my job in midtown Manhattan, and I would sneak over on Wednesdays during lunch.  This place became my weekly oasis!

After a month, I got more comfortable and more honest with myself. My weekly visits were cut down to twice a month by my therapist. It ended in December because the government f**ked with my healthcare, but thankfully, it was a good time to end.

I progressed so much. I didn't realize it until my last session.  We were discussing a love and career situation most of my time there, and that situation ended in November.  My therapist said, "Do you realize when you came to me a year ago, your reaction [to this situation] would be much different?" which is code for "you would've been a depressive mess".    I really thought about how I've grown. Hmmmm.....

Here are three things therapy taught me:

IT'S OKAY TO "TELL YOUR BUSINESS".   Of course, I'm talking about a therapist.  They are impartial to your life and gain nothing from telling you the absolute truth.  Assuming you have a therapist you connect well with, your session should revolve around identifying root issues, corrective action plan, and growth. 

"YOU EFFED UP!"....ACCOUNTABILITY IS NOT THE ENEMY.  It is actually the very best friend you'll have because growth comes from holding yourself accountable.  The confrontation with yourself is a necessary evil to prepare for what God/the Universe has for you.  It's extremely important to be completely honest with yourself in this process because it shows your willingness to put your ego aside for the greater good. 

ACCEPTANCE IS KING.  I had an extremely hard time with this one.  I probably spent 85% of my time in therapy trying to reprogram my mind in this area.  I'm a perfectionist and genuine in my words and actions. When I'm in situations where I'm being "slapped in the face", I would take it extremely personal.  Why wasn't I good enough? What's going to happen next? All of these questions I eventually came to answer with two simple words:   

Fuck it.

It is what it is. And the beauty in acceptance is, the world won't end.  Life is going to get better if you take control of your life and decide to change your circumstances.  

If you are contemplating therapy for any reason, I encourage you to go.  You'll be surprised at what you learn..... and unlearn.  Your peace of mind depends on it. 

Peace & Blessings