Minimalism has become more mainstream in lifestyle changes, fashion design, food, art, and even travel. Despite popular belief, minimalism isn’t throwing everything away but clearing out “clutter” to allow good energy to flow in and out your life.


In a nutshell, I’ve never been messy, but my mental/emotional health was. Between toxic relationships and working on a job I hated, my energy wasn’t vibrating at its highest and healthiest level. Fast forward, I’ve worked endlessly through self-care, therapy, and life lessons to clear my mind as well.

One evening, I looked around my 1-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, and thought to myself ‘why do I have these things?’. Did it have a purpose? Did it make sense to purchase a bunch of shoes to say I have it? Or from a social aspect… keep certain people around to say I know them? In this enlightenment, I realized minimalism chose me.

I never owned a lot of things and really try to obtain no more than I need. The two became intertwined in my world. I’d already adopted a lot of minimalist habits, so I was half way there. For example, I never a lot of clothing. I literally own 5 pairs of jeans. Then design and sew my own dresses and tops. My wardrobe is very minimal.

Today, I’m improving and growing in this lifestyle. Some days I want to obtain everything and others, nothing at all. However, I wouldn’t trade it in for anything.

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